The Future of Brazilian Bikinis

We are an Iconic brand in Australia and offer the most feminine and unique styles for Brazilian bikini bottoms.

BUTTEENi Brazil bikinis are the most featured for its femininity, delicate unique designs, low cut and contoured butt enhancer. Our cute, cheeky designs and vibrant colours provides you the ultimate in accentuating a round bottom.

Brazilian cut bikinis are so convincingly cheeky and the most effective bum shaping swimwear. It has since grown to be the most popular since the 80s and with the biggest growth in Summer of 2017. With the rise in achieving the best in 'Beauty and Youth' for the perfect posterior, the Brazil bikini also provides you the barely there feeling and appearance.

We create and share to you the most beautiful in swimwear creation. When pupils widen at the sight of something wonderful, I’m All in!

✓   Shapes and contours your derrière
✓   Attractive reversible design
✓   Brazilian cut bikini ‘dare to bare'
✓   Vibrant colours for every occasion

BUTTEENi ® womens swimwear is switching the focus to your pert-fect posterior! We dedicate our delicate designs to pure elegance, vibrance and bikini functionality to meet today’s swimwear buyers’ needs.

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BUTTEENi bikini bottoms

What’s in it for me

I want a grandeur contour and extra cheeky bottom. I’m ready to rock everyone’s world by changing their focus to colour and to my pert-fect derriere. Secondly, I want a previously unseen product and I’m already imagining the sexy Butt Lift possibilities. Convincingly cheeky, we offer a bikini design of femininity, vibrance and functionality.

Our DARE to BARE bikini bottoms offer you the experience of enjoying the simple bum contouring geometrics, custom colours, fitting and delicate designing construction.

There's no greater success than creating a small quantity of specialised designs so that we can focus on quality construction and to have the highest engagement on what you want. Welcome and thank you for joining the BUTTEENi brand!




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BUTTEENi size guide


butteeni sizing guide

butteeni size chart



I am PETITE and I have smaller hips. I want an ultra tailored fit. I can also (easily) fit into a size 8 to get a more loose comfortable fit. High recommendation to choose size 8 if not petite size.

AU SIZE 8 (S) 

I have small hips. My size is definitely a size 6 or size 8 in bikini bottoms or pants size. I want a slightly comfortable stretch for my small hips. I am 2cm greater in total hip length compared to size 6. High recommendation to choose size 10 if you are still unsure about your size. 

AU SIZE 10 (M) Slightly smaller than your typical AU Size M

I have hips. I know I am a size M and after a few wears of my bikini, I will have a perfect snug fit. I prefer to have a tighter fit should I get my bikini wet. I am 4cm greater in total hip length compared to size 8. Recommendation to choose size L if you are still unsure.

AU SIZE 12 (L)

I have wider hips. We have you covered! I want a comfortable fit and slightly better coverage. I am 11cm greater in total hip length compared to size 10.


I have beautiful wonder hips. We have you covered! I am 6cm greater in total hip length compared to size 12.

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