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The BUTTEENi Arctic collection

Who ever said that bikini swimwear are just for Summer? When bikini shopping at BUTTEENi, you will never be out of season!

It may be snowing outside and you have about a foot of snow on the ground and Summer is not approaching anytime soon. Stop thinking about the cold frigid winter and think about your next winter experience getaway. Be extra cheeky and take off your winter coat, boots and beanies and STRIP DOWN to the ARCTIC BIKINIS for all things hot and steamy. If I was you and alone, I will make time for a hot chocolate, get on my mobile and have a fun shop at the comfort of my bedroom.

For your indulgence, look down below, much further below at some of your favourite thermal hot spas and outdoor lagoons, awe inspiring breathtaking beauty! 

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When everyday is like today


From left to right: (1) Blue Lagoon, Grindavík Iceland (2) Aqua Dome Thermal Resort, Austria (3) Hotel Villa Honegg, Lucerne Switzerland (4) Onsen, Japan (5) Walliser Alpentherme & Spa Leukerbad, Switzerland (6) Igloo Village, Iglu-Dorf, Zermatt Switzerland (7) LeCrans Hotel & Spa, Crans-Montana Switzerland 

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BUTTEENi size guide


butteeni sizing guide

butteeni size chart



I am PETITE and I have smaller hips. I want an ultra tailored fit. I can also (easily) fit into a size 8 to get a more loose comfortable fit. High recommendation to choose size 8 if not petite size.

AU SIZE 8 (S) 

I have small hips. My size is definitely a size 6 or size 8 in bikini bottoms or pants size. I want a slightly comfortable stretch for my small hips. I am 2cm greater in total hip length compared to size 6. High recommendation to choose size 10 if you are still unsure about your size. 

AU SIZE 10 (M) Slightly smaller than your typical AU Size M

I have hips. I know I am a size M and after a few wears of my bikini, I will have a perfect snug fit. I prefer to have a tighter fit should I get my bikini wet. I am 4cm greater in total hip length compared to size 8. Recommendation to choose size L if you are still unsure.

AU SIZE 12 (L)

I have wider hips. We have you covered! I want a comfortable fit and slightly better coverage. I am 11cm greater in total hip length compared to size 10.


I have beautiful wonder hips. We have you covered! I am 6cm greater in total hip length compared to size 12.

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