"I created an entirely new design to switch the focus to sexy bottoms"


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When customers are looking for the most current and innovative swimwear, with first in mind, heads turn to Australian leaders of fashion swimwear. Our Australian designers make their mark on every fashion runway around the globe and play a large role in how swimsuits have evolved in the past century. 

If you enjoy fashion swimwear throughout the decades to what’s currently new, you may appreciate how the styles have made them famous as they are today. Some swimsuit styles that were considered chic in the 80s have come back looking more fitting and smaller over the years. Further down, will be a list of memorable swimsuits and its evolution. If you’re looking for something unique, brighter and for unrivalled style, come and take a look at the BUTTEENi swimwear shop.

We take our swimsuit favourites on all our beach pursuits and enjoy every frolic and flaunt, while noticing that many ignore the most important body part, the derriere. What’s interesting about my find is that more attention is on the feel and detail of the tops. Often, the tops are more design oriented and with not much emphasis on the back designs of bikini bottoms. When customers have little ample chest for a confident display and are seeking for change, I decided to create an entirely new design to switch the focus to sexy beach bums.

What's in it for me?

When was the last time you saw a new design that created a totally new look? Seeking for a grandeur contour and a perfectly cheeky derriere? Because you want a previously unseen product and complementing bikini for your next Summer vacation?

BUTTEENi fashion swimwear are the most featured for it’s femininity, delicate designs, and swimwear comfort. If you are serious about really cheeky and cute bikinis, we have the best swimsuits to achieving the ultimate round bottom. Our Brazil bikinis really are unique and only the elitist in swimwear designers can offer what you are looking for.

There's no greater success than creating a small quantity of specialised designs so that we can focus on quality construction and to have the highest engagement on what you want. Fashion swimwear bottoms that complement your various body shapes, from shy bottoms to the beautiful buxom bottoms of the world. Give yourself the best confidence and aesthetics to get you 'back in the game' of Summer Trotting! SHOP NOW

butteeni swimwear

butteeni swimwear


Let’s take a look at how swimsuits have changed from full bathing suit costumes made out of wool to two piece swimsuits that first existed in the 1930s, to where they are today. I think little has changed as we’re repurposing the same, if not similar styles, into more modern and fashionable pieces. Below are the most memorable swimsuits that have made them famous today.


Brigitte Bardot is known for her lead role in the 1952 film ‘The Girl in the Bikini’. She was the most photographed on the beach during the Cannes Film Festival in 1953 and started the popular movement of bikinis in Europe and the US.


Ursula Andress (aka Honey Rider) from the first James Bond 1962 Film ‘Dr. No’. The 1960s swimsuits gave rise to geometric patterns and flowery bathing caps. The caps became a must have accessory in everyone’s beach bag.

Raquel Welch was considered a sex symbol for her fur bikini in the 1966 Film ‘One Million Years B.C’. It was the famous bikini that never got wet.


Farrah Fawcett in her famous red swimsuit sold millions in poster copies during the 1970s. This best selling poster launched Farrah’s career into multiple TV series, including her role in ‘Charlie’s Angels’.


Phoebe Cates is notable for the “most memorable bikini drop in cinema history”, described by Rolling Stone. Her feature was in the 1982 Film ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’.


Pamela Anderson in the most famous red swimsuit. The iconic swimsuit gained a lot of attention around the globe and for her long standing role in 90s TV show ‘Baywatch’. Baywatch was screened in 144 countries and helped shape the swimwear industry in the 1990s for high cut pieces.


Halle Berry in the most memorable scene of her emerging from the sea in the 2002 film ‘Die Another Day’. The sizzling orange bikini was made by Eres. There was a similar jaw dropping reaction when bond girl Ursula Andress wore her sexy two piece bikini.

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BUTTEENi size guide


butteeni sizing guide

butteeni size chart



I am PETITE and I have smaller hips. I want an ultra tailored fit. I can also (easily) fit into a size 8 to get a more loose comfortable fit. High recommendation to choose size 8 if not petite size.

AU SIZE 8 (S) 

I have small hips. My size is definitely a size 6 or size 8 in bikini bottoms or pants size. I want a slightly comfortable stretch for my small hips. I am 2cm greater in total hip length compared to size 6. High recommendation to choose size 10 if you are still unsure about your size. 

AU SIZE 10 (M) Slightly smaller than your typical AU Size M

I have hips. I know I am a size M and after a few wears of my bikini, I will have a perfect snug fit. I prefer to have a tighter fit should I get my bikini wet. I am 4cm greater in total hip length compared to size 8. Recommendation to choose size L if you are still unsure.

AU SIZE 12 (L)

I have wider hips. We have you covered! I want a comfortable fit and slightly better coverage. I am 11cm greater in total hip length compared to size 10.


I have beautiful wonder hips. We have you covered! I am 6cm greater in total hip length compared to size 12.

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