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The truth about all the pretty bikinis available is that not everyone will feel great in them. Not surprising! Let’s take a look at some helpful and functional tips for better enhancing both happy and sad bottoms. 

Happy bottoms?

You can let your bikini do all the talking AND have unrivalled style. Mostly, it’s about how you ensemble your whole beach look.

What’s not to love about having effortless waves, a glowing tan, solid waterproof makeup and if you’re quite the body exhibitionist, try a smooth Brazilian bikini wax.

Not tone? Tan it! A fake tan for pale skin or simply for those that reflect sun altogether. Here’s an obvious one, it’s great for cellulite coverage, concealing wriggly veins and noticeable blemishes. Bum tanning can give you a more accentuated sexy round contour.

Sometimes you feel the need to vamp it up a notch (there’s hotties everywhere!) and you can’t skip your beauty routine. Aim for light and neutral shades of makeup e.g. tinted moisturiser, pink or nude eye shadow palettes, cherry lip balm and for the less smudgy eyeliner, opt for the liquid version.

Sometimes waterproof makeup does not work, especially after taking a dip and when you’re rubbing the salt water out from your eyes. Often, there’s always a smudge that you cannot avoid! You don’t have to go full incognito but stylish shades will always help.

Do you really need to be wearing fake eyelashes to the beach? Build a tall sandcastle because you may need to stitch them on or include goggles into your ensemble. ‘Head in water’ is a no go zone because eyelash adhesives turn from clear to white.

Don’t have time for ironed curls or gorgeous waves? Opt for a wide brim or straw beach hat. Seriously, there’s so much variety in beach hats and they will always be in style! 

Sad bottoms?

Gravity is not your friend?

I can easily recommend an array of stylish kaftans and vibrant printed sarongs as a solution to cover wobbly unwanted areas. But why would I only suggest that if you already have everything to flaunt by.

What’s awkward about being comfortable during your off duty time? There’s certainly no such thing about being ‘bikini ready’ when you are feeling the most natural in your beach setting.

If you are certain about avoiding numbers at the beach, opt for a visit during the early hours or a little later in the day. Vice versa, have you heard of ‘safety in numbers’? It’s the best way to blend in crowds if you’re not feeling your most confident.  

Looking for inspiration and real discussions about 'changing the beach body centric culture’? Global sensation and swimsuit model ‘Ashley Graham’ has been central in leading this discussion and is a strong ambassador for plus sized women. 

"I know my curves are sexy and I want everyone to know that theirs are too. This is no reason to hide and every reason to flaunt. The world is ready for more curves in bikinis,” Ashley Graham said in a statement.

Want to feel and look your absolute best?

Start with the right bathing suit that's most unique to you.



Hi, this is BUTTEENi! Only when you see pupils widen at the sight of something wonderful, I’m All in. I’m ready to shake up the industry of womens fashion swimwear and so should you. Take a look at our most featured bikini below.


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    Our dedicated year on designing construction is now switching the focus to your pert-fect posterior and we’re starting with you. Our pretty bikinis are spreading fast and to over 60 countries around the world. Our existing clients include high profile international supermodels, athletes, established fashion photographers and notable fashion TV presenters. 

    Today are the days where BUTTEENi requires you to have an entirely new look and after all, who ever said that having a sexy visual focus of your pert bottom is less than desirable. Our pretty bikinis are the most featured for it’s femininity, delicate designs, comfort and low cut style. You are here because you are serious about cheeky swimsuits and want a sexy round bottom. SHOP NOW

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    BUTTEENi size guide


    butteeni sizing guide

    butteeni size chart


    AU SIZE 6 (XS)

    I am PETITE and I have smaller hips. I want an ultra tailored fit. I can also (easily) fit into a size 8 to get a more loose comfortable fit. High recommendation to choose size 8 if not petite size.

    AU SIZE 8 (S) 

    I have small hips. My size is definitely a size 6 or size 8 in bikini bottoms or pants size. I want a slightly comfortable stretch for my small hips. I am 2cm greater in total hip length compared to size 6. High recommendation to choose size 10 if you are still unsure about your size. 

    AU SIZE 10 (M) Slightly smaller than your typical AU Size M

    I have hips. I know I am a size M and after a few wears of my bikini, I will have a perfect snug fit. I prefer to have a tighter fit should I get my bikini wet. I am 4cm greater in total hip length compared to size 8. Recommendation to choose size L if you are still unsure.

    AU SIZE 12 (L)

    I have wider hips. We have you covered! I want a comfortable fit and slightly better coverage. I am 11cm greater in total hip length compared to size 10.

    AU SIZE 14 (XL)

    I have beautiful wonder hips. We have you covered! I am 6cm greater in total hip length compared to size 12.

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